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Reference, Research, Information


Secondary Values (KHS Imposed Order)


Assorted printed materials, some published, such as: ‘What House is That? A guide to Victorian housing’ (Heritage Victoria, 2004), and guidelines for researching the history of a house (Fact Sheet, City of Boroondara). There is an article from the Progress Press about the demolition of Ellesmore, 80 Princess Street in 1977 (the article includes photographs of the demolition), Elizabeth Mackie’s notes on Myrtle Hill, and an article on the restoration of Mynda, Molesworth Street that was published in the Trust News (1987). Mrs Sewell of Stawell Street wrote handwritten notes/recollections about Cradley in Studley Park Road in 1981. In the photocopy about Ellesmore, there is also a separate article on the proposed replacement of the Walmer Street Bridge. There is also correspondence and an article on Stanhope on the corner of Burke and Cotham Roads. The file includes general real estate information and data.