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Members of the Barnard Family were significant and notable pioneers of Kew. Francis Barnard established the first Kew Post Office and also a pharmacy. The post office was on the corner of Cotham Road and High Street. It later moved to another location in High Street. His son, F G A Barnard wrote the ‘Jubilee History of Kew, Victoria’ (1910). [An index to the publication is in the file]. Both Barnards were mayors of Kew. The extensive file of information includes some primary sources and a number of photocopies of secondary sources. The primary sources include two letters, the first from F G A Barnard dated 29-9-10, to W Derrick Esq, Cambooya requesting information on early settlement in Kew, and a handwritten reply from W Derrick recalling this period. Another primary source [laminated] relates to The Intermediate Examination conducted by the Pharmacy Board of Victoria (1917). The Kew Historical Society has many items relating to the Barnard family in its collection. One is the wall clock, which was donated by a Mrs McArthur of North Balwyn in 1973. The correspondence relating to its acquisition, and an article written by Mavis Rolley is in the file. While the collection includes an original copy of ‘Bear and Forbear: A genealogical study of the Prentice, Barnard and related families in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia’ (Prentice, Sydney & Mildred, 1985) in its library, a photocopy of parts are included in the file, with a number of letters from Mildred Prentice. The Society also has a number of bottles etc., from the pharmacy, which were donated by Kathleen Murphy of Surrey Hills. There are also various copies of birth certificates, biographies etc.