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Reference file containing Sundry information about authors (poets, novelists, playwrights, historians, politicians, journalists) who were born, educated, lived or died in Kew, initially compiled by Society member Elizabeth Mackie who had previously researched the artists of Kew. Since the file was created, various items including correspondence and newspaper articles/cuttings have been added. Some information relates to organisations rather than individuals, such as that Kew was once the headquarters of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (1/317 Barkers Road). Within the file there is correspondence and curriculum vitae supplied by: Allan Aldous, Lillian Wood, Michele Nayman (1981), Yetta Rothberg (1981), Judith Rodriguez (1981), Rev Dr Arthur de Quetteville Robin (1982). The File also includes a photocopy of a letter supplied by Prof A D Hope (1981) relating to his memories of Kew. Authors mentioned in the file include: Allan Aldous, F G A Barnard, James Bonwick, Martin Boyd, Vincent Buckley, Sir Macfarlane Burnet, Anne M Carson, John Clements, Rita Erlich, Barbara Giles, Alison Goding, A D Hope, Wendy Jacobs, Lally Katz, Jill Manton, Philip Martin, James McAuley, Pauline McKinnon, Philip Mendez, Marrion Miller, Michele Nayman, Brenda Niall, Mark O’Connor, Nettie Palmer, Vance Palmer, Rev Dr Arthur de Quetteville Robin, Judith Rodriguez, Myra Roper, Dorothy Rogers, Yetta Rothberg, Frederick Sinnett, John Stanley, Peter Steele, W D Vaughan, Gwen Walker, J M Walsh, Lillian Wood.