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Alphabetic by creator, name or topic


The Subject Files are a top-level Series which includes named sub-series. Each sub-series may include primary and secondary resources - newspaper and journal clippings, brochures, short histories of families and buildings, personal accounts, etc. - relating to people, places and events. Sub-series are arranged by creator, subject or topic. The content within the Sub-series is typically grouped by Secondary Values (the values of records to users) rather than by Primary Values (Provenance Order). There are approximately 500 separate subject files. Each Sub-series is organisation generated, containing records collected, donated and assembled since 1958. While some Sub-series contain a small number of records, others contain numerous documents and manuscripts. The Reference Files are housed in four, four-drawer locked filing cabinets in the foyer of theKew Heritage Centre in the Kew Library. The cabinets contain Sub-series held in suspension files, Each Sub-series is housed in archivally compliant folders.